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September 07, 2012

next chairman

after watching Celebrity Big Brother I have decided that the ideal person to replace Nicholas when the time comes would be...


That is all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello dear heart Dean, I think you might like the 2nd Alun Cochrane recording. Kevin Eldon came out with some good lines too.
I liked the balance of having Tony and Jenny from the regular repertory team and having two semi-newbies.

I think the show can sound a little too smart when you have too many panels of 4 regulars from the rep. team.

It would be good to have one of the semi regs in 4 out of 8 shows per season (a different extra regular each season perhaps.) They could be in two shows with Paul and appear in the two shows that Paul looks like not appearing in each season. Sue, Jenny, Tony, Ross,Gyles, Kit, Graham, Stephen,Marcus, Julian and Sheila could fit this bill.

What is fun to hear (and see if you are lucky to be in the audience) is to witness a newbie fall flat on their face while attempting to play the game. Jason Byrne does this supremely.
2 geezer stand-up comic newbies on the same show is definitely a no-no in my book. If there are then one should be a lady newbie standup.

I know Harry Hill is not only a fan of Just A Minute but a big fan of Nicholas Parsons too. He would be a real catch if they could get him. He'd certainly add some frisson.

Graham's star was in ascendance on last week's show.I went to that recording and his rapport with all the panel, Nick and the audience was brilliant. I loved it when after Sue gave him a tough challenge he retorted with "I know this is Radio 4 but... BITCH!!!"

Love and hugs KEITH XXXX

4:52 am  

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