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June 16, 2013

changes to order of shows in 1999 Tv series

I've changed the order of some of the shows in the 1999 series, following the turning up of a list that had a different order.

Posted this in the Yahoo group..

okay have been thinking carefully about the numbering issue for the 1999 TV series, rummaging through some of the old letters and videos and stuff I have.

I have a pretty good memory for what happened at the time too. April 1999 was the month of the birth of the website and the shows with Tony Hawks, Wendy Richard and Steve Frost were the first shows I transcribed. (I was at the time always at the Whose Line Is It Anyway forum where there was considerable interest in Steve.)

As the series went on, I was sent some videos from the series as UK folk realised how interested I was in it. And people eventually made lists of the shows which helped me to date them.

The issue about one show being played out of sequence was raised with me at the time and that it had been replaced by a Welsh election special. I think I must have assumed that that was just in Wales, and that JAM played as usual in the rest of the UK. The date of the out of sequence show - 26 May - also tallies with my recollections. So that needs to be changed.

I had been wanting to argue further about the other point... that the show currently numbered 15 actually played in the spot of number 2, mainly on the basis of the videos I have and the recollections I have. But I''ve come to the conclusion that Simon's evidence is stronger, and so I've shifted 15 to 2, 2 to 20 and moved 16-20 up 1.

I also have a very clear memory that the orphan show that played out of sequence was the Liza Goddard "saying sorry" one. On Martin's suggestion that we pop that into the 15 slot, thereby causing less disruption... if the programme had been superseded by a special news programme that was unexpected like on a flood or a sudden death, I might feel like doing that. But obviously the election was known about and prepared for well in advance so I think it more accurate to have"saying sorry" at the end.

One interesting point is that we now see the order the shows were recorded. Wendy Richard and Linda Smith both recorded eight shows over just two days. But Peter Jones had to turn up on three days for his six shows and Barry Cryer on two days to record 4. I"m not sure if that"s because they were older or just more readily available!

Perhaps to mention another episode ordering story which I don"t think I have mentioned on the list before but which is interesting. In 1997, Princess Diana died and the BBC decided it had to drop an scheduled episode of the News Quiz which featured jokes about her (her affair had been in the news in the days before her death). So they played a Just A Minute recently recorded in Edinburgh. The show was ran again in the following season in the usual way. People who read my website carefully will note that I have it listed in season order as the place where it was originally intended to play but also have both broadcast dates listed!

Apologies for taking time to reply on this point – I have been unwell and also wanted to take some time to see if I could find anything that threw light on these points. As you know, I really try to be careful with all this!


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