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March 26, 2014

Nicholas misreads his notes?

Usually as we know, the four panellists take turns to start each round. It’s not always exactly symmetrical as they edit a round out here and there. But there was an unusual instance in last week’s show.

here are the rounds and the panellist who started each one...

April showers – Josie
ambience – Sheila
unanswerable questions – Richard
a sporting bet – Paul
the very first telephone – Josie
the best ingredients for breakfast in bed – Sheila
growing tomatoes – Sheila
analysing a joke – Paul
connecting the dots – Josie

yes, Sheila started the “growing tomatoes”round, even though she had started the previous one, and it was Richard’s turn.

There are three possible explanations...

1. they edited out three rounds between the two rounds.

2. they edited in a round from the other recording. Back in the 90s they did this occasionally, but I’m unaware of it being done recently.

3. Nicholas misread his notes.

I reckon the last explanation is the more likely!


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