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September 03, 2014

900 and other figures

I'm in London, and with a little time on my hands, a few thoughts.

Firstly, the matter of the 900th show. The BBC have been promoting this a little in the lead-up to the show which is to play next week. It does make you wonder how much more fuss there will be for the 1000th show which will preumably play in about 2019.

It is a grand total but it is a figure that is open to argument. To say it is the 900th edition of Just A Minute is perhaps an over simplification. Here's how the figure is made up (up to today)...

BBC Radio Four Just A Minute "ordinary" shows - 834
BBC Television Just A Minute shows - 30
ITV Television Just A Minute shows - 28
BBC Junior Just A Minute shows - 5
BBC Silver Minutes 25th anniversary compilation show - 1
BBC 40th anniversary compilation show - 1

TOTAL - 899.

Now there is room for argument. Do you combine both TV and radio? Do we include the Junior Just A Minute shows which are slightly shorter and have a  slightly different format? Do we count the two compilation shows or not?

It's perhaps the last question that I get asked about most. If you look at how other shows treat this sort of programme, in general, they do seem to regard these as broadcast shows to be included in the total. Both shows were played in the usual JAM timeslot and included some fresh material. The 40th special was attached to a season and advertised as the first show of that season. I think they should count in a total, but understand that others will disagree and my website does separate these out.

Should the Junior shows count? After all those shows even have a different name! I think they should count in a total, but should be separated from the other shows.

├Źn some ways the adding together of TV shows into the total should be the most controversial. You don't usually combine mediums in that way. And as you can see above some of the shows were not even produced by the BBC.

So whether the figure of 900 is a correct one is a talking point. Still - if you do add EVERYTHING together, we do reach 900 next week. And that should count for something.

A couple of other stats points.

Paul Merton has now passed Peter Jones as the third most frequent appearing panellist. Paul is now creeping up on Kenneth Williams who he should pass next year. Then only Clement Freud will be ahead of him, but he will have to keep playing for another 10 years or so to pass the great man.

Did everyone notice the return of Claire Jones to produce the Edinburgh shows. I am not sure if this was a brief return or not though I gather Katie Tyrrell is moving on. Claire has been producing the show on and off since 2000 - the first season without both Peter Jones and Derek Nimmo. She has now produced more shows than anyone else, so no-one can doubt her genuine commitment and passion to the show. I do hope she is back for a while as she and Tilusha Ghelani will be a formidable team.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dean, It was lovely to see you at the London Press Launch of the 'Welcome To Just A Minute' on Wednesday at the Ivy Club. I heard so many good comments about the book - I know it's going to be popular.The head of Cannongate Publishing told me he is so proud of the book.It was the first time in 10 years that Suzy from Cornwall, Steph from Battersea and me had been together.I am so happy that you met them, because I have spoken so often to you about them. 40 years and still friends - all because of our love of the show ! Jenny Eclair was very funny. She loved my idea of having an all women JAM panel and is going to put it to the producer. Nicholas told me he was so thankful that you came all the way from NZ to support the show in Edinburgh then trek down to London to support the book launch. He really appreciated you being there. Paul and his wife Suki (who I'd worked with at the Gate in the late 90's) told me about the amazing play she had written about an obsessive fan meeting their idol. Did you get a chance to see it in Edinburgh ? I would love to see that. I chatted a lot about comedy to Paul and Suki. Paul and I share a love of the Marx brothers. All the guests were really lovely people. There was none of the sort of snobbery usually associated with book launches. Julian Clary was June Whitfield's escort to the event. Josie Lawrence, Gyles Brandreth, Miles Jupp, Tony Blackburn, Christopher Biggins, Mike Read all of them with a huge genuine affection for the show. Suzy told me that Pat and Amanda Nimmo were there too. So many happy memories and a night to remember ! Ian Messiter and David Hatch would have loved it. Hope to catch you before you go back to NZ. Give the shop in Kentish Town a buzz. Lots of love dear friend KEITH.

5:57 am  

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