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August 25, 2016


A largely unremarked feature of the current season was that Katherine Ryan completed an uninterripted minute in her first show, indeed in her first time speaking.

Last year when David Tennant did this it was big news and indeed Nicholas mentioned it in his behind the scenes interview with Gyles Brandreth just last week. It was very widely reported as a first.

It was a great achievement but not a first. I wrote about this here and again here. At the time I wrote to some of the reporters who had reported this feat, but no-one responded or corrected their stories. So no doubt it is now firmly established as a fact!

Katherine Ryan did this in the first show of the current season, but it seems to have passed most people by. Congrats to her - she joins a small group, even if she is not the second.

In the very next show, Zoe Lyons also went the whole minute on debut, but not on her first time speaking.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting... The panel of the September 5, 2016 episode consisted of Paul Merton, Sheila Hancock, Ross Noble and Will Self.

The Festival Fringe is over and after returning to the regular programming schedule it should've been the 2nd one of the two recordings with Paul Merton/Gyles Brandreth/Josie Lawrence/Katherine Ryan and Paul Merton/Tony Hawks/Julian Clary/Zoƫ Lyons.

Perhaps Radio 4 is treating us to an unannounced 8 episode series?

5:43 am  

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