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January 10, 2006

Janet's 100th

Today's JAM edition featured the 100th appearance by Janet Staplehurst, the wordless blower of whistles and Nicholas's assistant. Happy 100th Janet! She and Claire Jones have been a lot longer at the JAM helm than producers and whistle-blowers since David Hatch and Ian Messiter started the whole thing.

The show itself was good fun with Clement, Paul, Tim Rice and Stephen Fry. All four have good win records but Stephen led throughout and won relatively easily. Tim was last and was teased a little by Nicholas - I bet he doesn't come last in the return recording.

Good to hear Stephen Fry again - his appearances are always memorable. And he is now third equal bin his win-rate with only Paul and Gyles Brandreth ahead of him.

Next week Kate Robbins makes her debut.


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