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December 17, 2006


With a new producer, there's always the possibility of some fresh voices on the show. Much as I think Claire Jones did an outstanding job, I also like hearing some different people from time to time, alongside the familiar voices.

Some suggestions in the unlikely event that the new producer is reading here.

Alan Davies - the actor and star of QI, with his improvisational surrealistic sense of humour would be great on JAM.

Sanjeev Bhaskar and Meera Syal - wouldn't it be great to hear an Indian voice on JAM. These two have created so much good comedy and are wonderful improvisers too. I think they would be outstanding on JAM.

Julia Morris - this Australian comedian is one of the funniest bubbliets women I've ever seen and would be a perfect foil of Nicholas. If anyone could go on to be a regular woman panellist on the show, able to go taunt-for-taunt with the likes of Paul, it is Julia. And she is already doing some work for Radio Four...

Ronnie Corbett or Bruce Forsyth - I like hearing some older players alongside the young 'uns - either of these would fit in well and give us something really memorable I'm sure.

Josie Lawrence - most of Paul's colleagues on the Comedy Store Players have had a go at JAM. For some reason Josie hasn't and yet I could just hear her taking to the show in a big way.

And finally some people who have only appeared once or twice on the show who are WAY WAY overdue for another run

Ian Hislop - appeared in 1986, would be great to hear him having a go at the others.

Caroline Quentin - appeared in 1993. Not sure if the fact her marriage to Paul is a factor, but she is such a gifted improviser and actor. Couldn't she maybe do a show when Paul is away if it is uncomfortable for them to perform together?

Sandi Toksvig - her only appearance in 1991 went on the first JAM compilation. She does just about every other Radio Four show but not JAM, and yet she would be amazing at it.

Eddie Izzard - Please grab him - he was damned funny in his two 1994 shows.

Feel free to add your suggestionsn in the comments.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

JAM will be in Brighton (at the Theatre Royal) on the 8th of Jan with Paul Merton; others to be confirmed.


1:03 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

holy cow, a new producer.

well, having read through the various suggestions, those are definitely some rather interesting ones. with regards to Ian Hislop, I think he would do much better now than he did during his initial time on the show back in the 80's, because I don't remember him contributing much and not only that he was treated rather shoddily I felt by the other competitors even though he had some clever challenges.

Bruce Forsythe, now there's a panelist for ya! I had no idea he was even still alive. It would be great to hear him on the show if for nothing else to hear if he can say 'Nice to see you, to see you nice' without actually repeating anything.

now who do I think should have a go on the show... well, Brian Sewell I think did exceptionally well when JAM was on television back in '99, and he's got that certain something that could easily earn him a regular spot. He's got the witty putdown, quibbles over challenges, is intelligent, funny, and has an uppercrust air that makes him sound as if he'd much rather be doing something else than be on a fruitling game like Just A Minute.

Lee Mack, they should definitely bring this guy back, he's just awesome. His one appearance back in '04 at the Edinburgh Festival was very memorable, and it would be great to have him back on.

Jo Brand, she is awesome, she's got a great style almost like a female Clement Freud, very funny, witty, and also at times rather self-deprecating and I think could also do rather well in the putdowns of the others.

Jon Culshaw, it's been quite a while since they had a professional impressionist on the show, the last one Alistair McGowen, didn't even do any impressions whatsoever, and I think it was high time they were due for another and Jon Culshaw is definitely the man. I mean with people challenging others on deviating from their natural voices, Jon would be a shoe-in with his range of multi-faceted impressions. plus it would be great to hear him pull out his Tom Baker 4th Doctor impression while speaking on a subject. I remember hearing him on 'Wireless Wise' and he was very funny on that show, cuz he didn't care about the points or answering things correctly, he knew that humor was the real key. I'm sure as an improviser he would do terribly well on the show.

that's all I can think of for now. I'll probably come up with some more later.

10:11 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I strongly agree with getting Ian Hislop back, and it would also be good to have Lee Mack as well.

As for other people who are long overdue for a return:

1. Barry Cryer
2. Tim Brooke-Taylor
3. Elaine Stritch
4. Maureen Lipman
5. Victoria Wood

Heck, why not throw Graeme Garden in there as well, since I'm throwing the other Clue players in there. He's excellent on that show, I'm sure he could never be less than entertaining on Just a Minute.

I'd also be interested to hear Dale Winton do some radio shows after being a regular in the third series of the TV show.

9:35 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree Tim Brook-Taylor and Graeme Garden are long overdue.

Elaine Stritch made one excellent contribution, but I think she would be a bit too busy to make an appearance, perhaps making another one off would be awesome, who knows.

Dale Winton definitely should be on the show since I've read how exceptionally funny he was when JAM was on television.

Maureen Lipman is good, but at times she seems a bit like a Sheila Hancock clone.

9:01 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you got the date wrong on your episode guide... the latest episode was jan 1

10:30 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish they'd bring Tony Slattery back on. He's very funny and verbally dexterous.

2:39 pm  
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