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December 26, 2006

Twelve Great Shows (I can't count...)

A friend asked me to recommend a dozen editions of JAM he could put on a DVD for someone who had never heard the show. Here's what I came up with...........

211/10/17 - I wanted to include some classic Derek and this one comes to mind - also Alfred Marks as a guest must be on the list somewhere. Kenneth and Clement make up the list.

218/10/24 - I used to offer this as my fave ever show - Aimi's attempt to count always makes me laugh and the other rounds are all very funny too - Kenneth, Clement and Peter with her.

231/11/12 - One guest newcomers seem to love is Magnus Pyke. This show features classic examples of Kenneth, Peter and Derek too.

248/12/3 - Tommy Trinder is a unique and very politically incorrect guest but seems to bring out the best in Kenneth, Clement and Peter.

273/13/4 - we must include Peter Cook somewhere surely - this one probably the best of the three, with Kenneth, Clement and Barry Took.

275/14/2 - this show I've included largely as an example of Peter Jones and the silliness of the guest of Lorraine Chase. Kenneth and Clement great too.

281/14/8 - any list must include some Aimi Macdonald. This show features the four players as subjects which is interesting and different and Kenneth, Clement and Peter are all at their best.

293/15/6 - This includes some great Sheila Hancock including a moment where she is laughing so hard she can't speak - great interaction with Kenneth here. Derek and Peter wonderful too.

316/17/7 - any list must include this show with Elaine Stritch - possibly the single funniest show ever. And she also brings Kenneth's best out - Clement and Barry Cryer in support.

347/20/10 - any list must include a show with the gang of four - this includes the classic Kenneth v Peter confrontation on stopping hiccups and plenty of other very funny stuff.

398/25/10 - This features possibly the best round ever on the inoccuous subject of "my pet" from Peter, Derek and early Paul - his breakthrough eppy really. Dickie Murdoch is the guest and he also deserves to be on the list somewhere. The other rounds include great moments too - Peter on small boys playing with their nuts for example.

424/29/1 - features Tony Slattery's debut, and Wendy Richard in her most imperious form - very funny, was included in the first JAM compilation. The running joke about Wendy in the car park is a classic JAM moment. Paul and Clement in attendance

436/30/3 - Eddie Izzard appears with Paul, Clement and Derek and is amazingly funny.

450/31/7 - Paul Merton at his finest with greatness from Peter and Derek too - Paul describes his 18 year trip to Venus... Steve Frost there as well.

507/38/1 - Any list has to include some Stephen Fry - and this show is my personal favourite - also includes some great latter-days Peter Jones. Clement and Paul there too.

530/40/4 - Graham Norton must be included somewhere - this show features lots of good moments including a Clinton pussy joke... Tony Hawks, Linda and Clement with him.

605/47/7 - features Ross Noble in fine form, and behaving like a schoolboy with Graham. Tony Hawks and Clement make up the numbers.

622/49/3 - a recent show with a great running joke from Paul about Nicholas being outwitted by a herbaceous border - also includes Linda Smith who must be included somewhere. Clement and Graham also there.

I now - more than 12 - but I could easily nominate another 20 or so.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

A great set of episodes. I know a few of them, but where can you get these from?



1:04 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy cow, I remember some of the episodes you describe and I agree that list of eps definitely showcase impeccable examples of JAM at its finest.

The episode where Paul talks about his 18 year trip to Venus, beautiful. Then the episode with the herbacious border running gag, oh God that was one of my favorites from 2005, I couldn't stop laughing. And that one episode with the subject of 'My Pet' and it all just collapsed into hysterics when Peter challenged Derek on the fact that dog was named after a king's appendage, oh man that was fabulous. great recommendations all around! :)

4:58 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This 18 year trip to Venus sounds like something I shouldn't be missing. Any chance somebody can share this episode?

10:04 am  

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