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January 12, 2007

Cheltenham recording

According to the BBC's website, the team at Cheltenham was Paul Merton, Sir Tim Rice, Chris Neill and Alan Cochrane.

This is the first time Chris has done more than one set of recordings in a season - is he the new regular? I hope so!

Despite the BBC naming the new panellist as Alan Cochrane, I am fairly sure it is actually a very talented man called ALUN Cochrane. He has his own website here - but it is not very informative! According to this blurb, despite a Welsh name like Alun, he is actually a Scot - with a Yorkshire accent! This website has a full CV - and he has the sort of pedigree you might expect from a JAMster. He's also done Have I Got News For You recently - so maybe Paul recommended him!

It will be great to hear Tim and Chris again - and Alun! I still haven't heard anyone tell me who the team was at Brighton....



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