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February 13, 2007

More JAM

Return eppy for the Paul, Clement, Greg Proops and Chris Neill team.

Greg is described by Nicholas as "America's gift to comedy!" :-)

Clement opens with "the end of the world". He gives the others a chance by pointing out his own repetition! Chris picks up on repetition of when, could he maybe win his first game? He starts on a leather sale - ooohh errr says the audience. Paul reaches the whistle and takes an early lead.

Chris starts on "office politics". He advises you to let Barbara take the stapler - Paul intervenes to say she's already got five of his staplers. Then a classic JAM bit of banter which proves how good Nicholas is at getting the repartee going. Paul asks him if Barbara has anything of his, to which he replies that he's in a higher office. Paul asks if he has the key to the executive washroom. and Nicholas says he does and sometimes takes other people in with him. Paul: "They're nurses, aren't they?" Clement has a good pun about John Prescott being "off-his politics"!

Greg starts on "the bee's knees" and seems to lose steam quite soon. Clement gets the subject and uses the "nit's knackers" line.

Paul now on "St Swithin's Day". He's going into a rave about Nicholas's age now. Bonus points being given out like confetti in a funny running joke.

Chris now on "the sound of music". Clement claiming he auditioned for the lead role - a thought that amuses all the others.

Greg starts in stumbly fashion on "the Battle of Hastings". Chris being funny in a camp way on the subject. Greg has got it back!

Clement goes on "making small talk". Now doing one of his music hall bits to the amusement of the others. He seems in good form, Clement.

The last round and Chris kicks off with "a secret I will never tell". Chris explaining he can't tell it. Nicholas calls him Claire and Paul wonders if that is the secret?

Chris comes fourth, Greg third, Clement second and Paul wins.

Average - some good banter but no really funny bits.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This episode was of particular interest in that it proves quite categorically that Chris Neil has finally come into his own and seems more confident in the show now, which is absolutely wonderful.

5:10 pm  

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