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July 31, 2007

today's show

I thought that was a terrific programme. It's good when Paul gets some fire back and I liked the way Gyles turned Paul's comments about caring too much about winning back on to Paul himself.

I've not been a huge fan of Gyles in the past and I do get bored when he gets back on to material he's used many times before just to keep going (Schmitt sat in, the equine quadruped, Lord Finchley) - but he is bloody good at the banter over points, isn't he. Genuinely witty. It's good to have him there.

Julian Clary is either really really good - or quiet. Today I thought he was really really good, lots of funny lines. I think if I was doing again my list of top 20 players of all time, I might have to move him up the list. He is perfect for the game.

And Jenny Eclair is my favourite woman panellist of all time. I thought she was in good form and definitely adds something. I'd like to hear her more often.

It felt like all the panellists knew and liked each other and knew how to tease the others. I like that. A well-matched team, I thought.

That was a great listen.


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