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March 18, 2008

A great end

We were talking at the Yahoo group the other day about the best ever year or season - and I think this season might be a good candidate. It's been terrific, and that was a great finish to the run.

Paul, Tony, Graham and Sue just seem to be able to fire each other up - yet again the benefit of having people who have worked together before. Of the six combinations, Paul and Graham have done 37 shows together, Paul and Tony 27, Tony and Graham 16, Tony and Sue 14, Paul and Sue 12 and Graham and Sue 8. So it was a team that was experienced at playing together.

Tony Hawks was particularly good today I thought and a deserved winner. Paul didn't get a point until halfway through the third round.

It's been a very good season - but now we have to wait until July for more...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree - it was a great show. I was starting to get a bit annoyed, though, when people were challenging over little words. At one point it seemed that Paul Merton was going to launch into one of his "surreal flights of fancy" and he was buzzed for repeating "one" or "want" or something like that.

3:55 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

but thats how the game is played . it does'nt matter about the size of the word if you repeat it you break the rules !

12:17 am  

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