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August 10, 2008


It's almost four months since Humph died and still no announcement on the future of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue.

Someone using the comments on the Guardian website says Clue is over because the other panellists had all stated categorically they wouldn't go on without Humph.

Well if that were so, we would have had an announcement before now. The form would have been to wait a few days after Humph's funeral and then put out a statement.

You don't talk for four months about exactly how to announce the show is finishing.

Obviously what is being discussed is who will be the new chairman. I said a while ago that I thought the most likely appointment is either Barry Cryer or Graeme Garden, with Jeremy Hardy becoming the third regular. In other words, the most familiar replacements in a show where familiarity has bred success.

But as time goes on, I wonder if they are auditioning people. If that's the case then the list of possibilities is as long as you like. Maybe they'll even continue auditions when the show comes back to air, with an alternating chairman as they do on Have I Got News For You.

This at least puts off making a decision on who will "replace" Humph as whoever does it will be on a hiding to nothing. Whoever it is, it won't be Humph and people won't like that.

If it's not Barry or Graeme (I can't explain why but I don't see Tim Brooke-Taylor in the chair) I think they should go for someone clearly different to Humph. Someone suggested Julian Clary for example. What about a woman - Sue Perkins? Liza Tarbuck? Maureen Lipman? They can't give the task to Sandi Toksvig now she is chairing News Quiz.

Anyway the good thing for Clue fans is that no news is good news. I expect Clue to be back in November.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any clue who guest-ed at Fringe yesterday? I assume the recordings did take place?

3:59 am  

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