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August 16, 2008

Just A Classic Minute commentaries

Thought I'd write a few words on the commentaries from Nicholas and Paul on the latest CD.

Firstly, I think they're the best commentaries in the series. Nicholas having someone to talk to seems to get more out of him than his pre-written scripted pieces. I rather thought given that Nicholas has already done 4 CDs of commentaries that it might be more oriented towards Paul's views of things but in fact Paul acts more like an interviewer at times as Nicholas talks on. But as I say Nicholas is a bit more revealing than he is on the other CDs and their genuine affection for each other comes through.

According to Nicholas's website they are going to do the same for Classic Minute 6. I'm guessing that Clement doesn't want to provide material of this sort as he did no interview for the 40th anniversary special, but having Nicholas talk to Tony Hawks or Graham Norton or Sheila Hancock or even Andree Melly and Aimi Macdonald on a future CD would be interesting.

For the next CD though I wouldn't mind hearing a little more from Paul. I'd like to hear him on how he thinks up his material. Does he consciously feel the need to hold the show together? I wouldn't mind hearing him talk a bit more about Kenneth and Derek Nimmo - and for that matter Tony and Graham. His thoughts on Graham's style of comedy would be especially interesting to hear. Also as a comedy expert hearing Paul talk on the tension between the fun and the rules - there must be occasions when he is stopped from getting to the punchline by someone challenging on something trivial, how does he feel about that?

Also - and yes I know it's a bit trainspotterish - it would be good if someone took Nicholas aside when he makes comments about the history of the show and told him when he gets it wrong. Nicholas, the show never had a period of years when Kenneth, Clement, Peter and Derek appeared every week. Didn't happen. Not one year. Never. These things can be checked. There's a website somewhere that documents it all, I believe.

And the shows themselves on this CD are particularly well chosen I think.


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