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December 03, 2008


One thing that has always been missing from the website is a list of subjects.

Well I've now added one. It's taken a while but you can look through all the subjects ever done, see who spoke on them, and then go to the transcript to see what was said! The subjects page is here.

I've also - as you might expect - counted up the number of times each subject has been done. So it can now be revealed that the most popular ever subject is ..........


which has been done eight times. If you're especially interested in what came second, third and 257th, you can read the list on the stats page.

I've also tidied up the coding errors on many of the transcripts that turned apostrophes and speech marks into gibberish. So the transcripts look tidier.

I hope you can get at least a little pleasure from these improvements. A comment left a few days ago pointed out that some of the comments on the who's who section are sadly out of date and my plan is to update the rest of the site over the next couple of months.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you need any help with the who's who, I will be glad to help :) I am a huge JAM fan and know about most of the people on JAM.
Btw thank you for the brilliant transcripts!:)

11:03 pm  
Blogger Stuey said...

Brilliant work mate

11:21 pm  
Blogger Dean said...

Anonymous - you are welcome to email me with what you would like to do, but I suspect in the end I'll be doing the bulk of the work myself.

But as I say... email away...

7:37 pm  

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