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May 16, 2009

BBC website

I've just noticed that the BBC Just A Minute website has had a redesign. See link at the side. I wouldn't have thought it could be much duller than it was before. But it is.

The lists of contestants remain though no-one seems to notice that two people are both "present panellists" and "former panellists".

Added is a feature that allows you to see information on previous episodes. I wondered if an episode guide was being added, but instead, rather bizarrely, it's a list of radio guide listings. You can now see what shows BBC7 repeated back in 2007. Can there be many people to whom this would be of interest?

The link to my website has been removed. It has been removed in the past and returned. I've never sought links on other sites so I'm not exactly disappointed or angry. More curious - the Beeb can't be bothered to include substantial information on the show on its website so why not link to me?

There are so many things the BBC could do with their site that I can't, like including audio clips, cast interviews, a producer blog, up to date photos. What about an up-to-date list of CDs available and a link to the BBC shop? Could even make some money out of it as well as being useful!

But the redesign has the look of being done by someone in the IT department just interested in a consistent BBC-wide approach rather than what would make the site a real attraction. Evidence of a complete lack of imagination is how I would describe it.


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