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July 21, 2009

Today's JAM recording

My friend Steve Wickham just posted this review of today's recording.

Just back home from tonights recording at Broadcasting House, and felt I really had to leave a review!!

The panel was amazing - Paul Merton, Charles Collingwood, Jenny Eclair and Stephen Fry. Phew.

Paul was on top form, and seemed not to care too much about actually playing the game, just sat there playing to the audience mostly, and coming in with hilarious interjections.

Watching Jenny play was an experience in itself. So full of energy, life and excitement, her hand and facial movements were a joy as she got so involved with each of her turns to speak.

What can one say about Stephen Fry? I don't think he has been back on the show for quite a few years has he? His knowledge of language was astounding, and the way he can go on a subject without seemingly drawing breath is too funny for words. I hadn't realised that he used to come to recordings when young, as he made a comment about trying to emulate Kenneth Williams. In fact both Kenneth and Clement got name checks... Nicholas even ended up doing his impersonation of Kenneth having a strop!! (plus he has lost a ton of weight and looks very much he did in his younger Fry and Laurie days)

I noticed that Stephen mouthed along with Nicholas during the introduction too!! Sadly although Charles tried very hard, he was a bit over-shadowed by the other three.

I don't know how those episodes can be cut down to half an hour, as every second was comedy magic, and I will await their broadcast with anticip.... ation!


Anonymous 1756 said...

Inspired panel :-D

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