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July 12, 2009

new home....

I wrote a few weeks ago about Geocities and its intention to close down. That means the site will have to move.

This then is a plea for advice. I need a new webhost for my roughly 40MB of material.

I would like something that is

* easy to work my way through. I am NOT very knowledgable about website maintenance, HTML and so on.

* something where I can just upload the files simply - I have produced the roughly 800 pages over 10 years, I don't want to have to rewrite them all from scratch.

* free (or near to it).

* safe, secure and in it for the long term.

Suggestions and recommendations welcome - I have to get on with things!


Anonymous 1756 said...

You could have a Livejournal account: post your thoughts of JAM in entries in your journal. LJ is free and selecting a BASIC account format after registering means your account will be ad-free.

I could set one up for you and then mail you the details?

6:55 pm  
Blogger fluteflute said...

Do you have all the html pages ready to upload? If so it should be an easy operation!

7:27 pm  
Blogger Imaginary Friend Boy said...

The only one that I can think of yet that fits the requirements is 50megs.com. It's been around for at least seven years, and as the domain name promises, it allows 50MB of space. The main downside, though, is that moving your site there would mean the monotonous process of individually selecting files, one at a time, via their file upload page.

4:02 am  
Blogger Andrew Sherman said...

Google sites is pretty easy to use. Plus that Google company isn't going away anytime soon.

10:27 am  
Blogger James R Curry said...

How much traffic does the site get? 40mb is easy to host. If the traffic isn't going to register too much of a blip, I'll even volunteer some free space...

4:36 pm  

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