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September 08, 2009

back to its best

I don't suggest going through all my blog posts over the years, unless you are in need of a cure for insomnia. But if you did, you would read many posts where I was a bit down about the show - and then the next post is about how brilliant it is.

Well here we are again! Straight after I write a mildly pessimistic post after the Edinburgh shows and then this week we get an absolute gem of a show. One of the best. Ever.

I had a big grin on my face all show and was laughing loudly a lot of the time - a strange thing to do when you're by yourself.

Jenny Eclair was great, Stephen Fry was great, Charles Collingwood was very good - I think his best show yet, Nicholas was in tremendous form.

But the best was Paul. He was outstanding today, after what I thought were quiet games at Edinburgh. He's human of course and is allowed the odd off-day, but ... he is just hillarious when he is at his best. I always thought Kenneth Williams lifted when the people around him were at their best, maybe the same is true with Paul. He was just brilliant today.

The other thing I liked about the show... Stephen Fry saying, presumably truthfully, that he used to come and watch the show as a child. And Jenny Eclair's excitement at being in front of possibly the two best "players" of the game, Paul and Stephen. And the references to the way Clement played the game, and the impressions of Kenneth (both Nicholas and Charles did one).

I always love it when the rich history of the show is being referenced.


Anonymous Perra Dox said...

I agree, this weeks show was pure gold from all involved.

10:31 pm  
Anonymous Ant said...

I also enjoyed Charles' impression of Les Dawson :o)

1:36 am  
Blogger Fin Keegan said...

Listened to one of the Edinburgh shows today with your criticism in mind. What you say is justified: but I think it's the price we pay for introducing new blood.

Very excited to hear that such a cracking edition is in store though!

1:56 pm  
Blogger Thoughtful Review Guy said...

I can't find "howmever" in the OED.

7:05 am  
Blogger David Nichols said...

It was an excellent show, everyone so exuberant.

1:15 pm  

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