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August 23, 2009

Alan Davies on Stephen Fry

I love QI, and I love the Alan Davies/Stephen Fry relationship which is the main comic thread of the show. But I'd never thought of it as sexual as this Times article suggests.

Does anyone else think they secretly fancy each other?

“I’m not as much of an idiot as I appear on QI,” Davies says. “But everybody speaks to me as if I am, and it’s really annoying. And Stephen isn’t really that clever, either. People often say to me, ‘Ooh, does he really know all that stuff?’ Of course not! No, it’s all on the cards.”

The chemistry between Fry and Davies has been described as sexually charged, but I suppose you could see a father-son aspect in it, too, if you wanted. They get along well, he says, but tend not to see much of each other socially. “We don’t have much in common,” he says. “Apart from cricket. But we meet up every year for QI, and it’s really good fun.”

Only once, in six years of the show, have the pair had a proper argument. “He was saying the woodlouse is basically the same as a prawn,” Davies explains. “And I said, ‘You’d never eat a woodlouse.’ And he said, ‘Yes, I would,’ and I said, ‘No, you wouldn’t,’ and he said, ‘Yes, I would.’” Eventually, Davies said, “Well, you might, but I’d rather eat my own poo.” Fry responded that there were six million different types of bacteria in faeces, so that was frankly a rather foolish attitude to take. “And I thought, ‘Well, you can f*** off, then.’” Afterwards, Fry came to his dressing room. “He said, ‘Are you upset?’ And I said, ‘I am a bit.’ And he said, ‘Sorry,’ and I said, ‘It’s fine.’”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That they have rowed is astonishing and a little more than I needed to know... it's clear if you take a sensible view of it that Alan Davies is of course not as daft as he appears, nor Stephen as brilliant, but that they would seriously argue over a woodlouse is a bit bizarre.

7:21 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Afterwards, Fry came to his dressing room. “He said, ‘Are you upset?’ And I said, ‘I am a bit.’ And he said, ‘Sorry,’ and I said, ‘It’s fine.’”


They then proceeded to have mad, passionate, angry secks in the dressing room.

"Oh Fry, your such a magnificent beast!" exclaimed Alan.

Using unnatural powers to sense that Alan had misused the word "your" to imply "you're", Fry immediately corrected his grammar whilst pounding away at his bottom.

"But how did you know I had said "your" instead of "you're"?" remarked the sharp Alan in between desperate gasps for air.

"Because// I became //much harder" replied Fry, now even more vigorous in his occupation than before.

5:33 am  

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