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August 19, 2009

New panel and panellists

Another poster in the comments advises the other Edinburgh panel was Paul Merton, Sue Perkins, Mike McShane and Paul Sinha.

Paul Sinha describes himself on his website as "a man of many talents, Paul Sinha is a qualified GP, a critically acclaimed stand-up comedian, able to play most of Abba's back catalogue on the piano and the recorder". I hadn't heard of him before either but it seems his humour is mainly about being single and dateless, a state of affairs with which I can empathise.

His website can be found here.

Richard Herring the other newbie, has his website here and a Wikipedia entry here. From what I can tell his humour tends to the outrageous and political - his current Edinburgh show is controversial and themed around Hitler's moustache.

I really like the sound of both of these - I hope they will feel free to be outrageous and different on the show!

Welcome Richard! Welcome Paul!

Time we had someone else called Paul on the show! After all we have several Kenneths and even another Nicholas...


Blogger James Murton said...

Paul Sinha I heard once on the radio - did a very funny bit about football hooligans. Could be interesting.

Richard Herring is a legend in certain circles - his former partner Stewart Lee is probably funnier, but Richard's no slouch himself. Very excited about this!

3:05 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great bit about JAM on Richard Herring's blog.


3:30 am  

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