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October 31, 2009

website - http://just-a-minute.info

Just to note that the website can now be found at http://just-a-minute.info/

This is because of the geocities close down but as I am a paying customer, people going to the geocities site will be automatically redirected to the new location.

However there are approximately a zillion links to change so i hope people can be patient while I fix them. But all the pages are still online so if a link isn't working you can still get to the right page by putting the new address where the geocities one was and keeping the page reference, for example to get to the series 55 page change http://www.geocities.com/deanbedford/jam55.html to http://just-a-minute.info/jam55.html

Anyway at least I have a snappy address out of this!


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