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September 28, 2009

Tony reaches 100

I should have already pointed out by now that Tony Hawks has now reached 100 JAM appearances, 90 on radio, 10 on TV.

Tony is certainly a mainstay of the programme now with at least one recording each season, without ever cracking it as a regular. He's a solid and reliable performer without being outstanding.

Still I suspect he is now associated with JAM more than most of his other work and he has many fans. Still, at the current rate it will be 2029 before he reaches 200!


Blogger Fin Keegan said...

I was really surprised you rated Tony so low on your recent list. For me he is one of the Masters!

1:08 pm  
Anonymous koeman said...

Me too, I think he's one of the best. Good at the game, competitive, and very funny.

12:09 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Tony, but sadly I think his best years are behind him. He doesn't seem to have the oomph h used to have. I always thought he performed very well when Peter Jones was also on the panel.

1:45 am  

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