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January 22, 2010

the season so far

I really enjoyed the first show - Julian Clary, Paul and Gyles were all in great form. Julian may be surpassing Graham as the best among the campy contestants. I like the way he gets on with his own routines and he is competitive without treading on the jokes of the others. He's good on the show.

David Mitchell was a little quiet, but he may well be better this week.

Of the other shows, the one with Tony Hawks, Josie Lawrence, Dave Gorman and Justin Moorhouse this week worked well without being outstanding. The venue - a bar! - was a good one and the audience seemed to come into the show more. Justin was very good again and Josie had some great lines as well as winning. I don't know that she will win all that many games in the future but she is a good contributor.

The other show with Paul, Josie, Chris Neill and Charles Collingwood I found fine too, but not as good as the others. I enjoy both Chris and Charles who both have distinctive styles but somehow the show never quite got the "flow" to use Kenneth Williams' old word.

Looking forward now to hearing the Paul-Graham Norton-Sue Perkins-Liza Tarbuck recordings.


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