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December 13, 2010

the end....

In my previous post I mentioned the at times incorrect information the BBC publishes about JAM. At the time of writing the last ep of the current season is being promoted on the BBC website, both on the Radio Four schedule and on the Just A Minute page as being the sixth of eight shows.

Next week, there is a one-off play but I did wonder if it was possible they would bring JAM back for two further shows on Dec 27 and Jan 3. It seemed unlikely but that sort of thing has happened.

But the Radio Times listing has this as the last of the season and I am told the Radio Times listing - in the magazine, not yet on the website - lists I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue as resuming on December 27. Thnaks to poster Sebastian for that information.

It's been my suspicion all along that there are only six shows this season as you can see if you look back through the blog. I haven't heard about a fourth recording and the BBC is now advertising four more recordings on Friday 7th January , Saturday 22nd January, Saturday 29th January, and Friday 18th February, all at Broadcasting House.

In a list of the problems affecting the world, this isn't in the top million. But it is frustrating. Why put up these numbers at all if you can't get these things right.

Anyway I will wait to hear this week's show and the back announce before declaring the show to be definitively the last for the year.


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