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October 13, 2011

this blog - so influential???????????

One of the odd things I am experiencing at this moment is reasonably regular e-mails from people wanting me to plug things on the blog. I always ignore these and sometimes get follow-up posts from people demanding I follow their wishes.

In 99 percent of cases, there is no link at all to the only subject we cover here.

Here's one I received today (with specific links and project info removed)...

Dear dean,
> I would be honored if you’d take the time to review our
> product on your blog.
> In exchange for an unbiased review, we will provide a copy
> of the product for free!
> We will also place link to your review from our product's
> page with your logo.
> The review may be written in any language you want, on any
> your blog/forum, min 100 words.
> You are free to get photos and sample description from our
> >
> If you use Facebook ( you are welcome to become my friend,
> my page is (LINK REMOVED BY DEAN) ),
> Twitter, Digg or MySpace, please mention about this tool
> there.
> Here is a brief information about our product:

> > Looking forward to hearing from you.
> Sincerely,
> Senior Public Relations Specialist,

Now as I'm a journo, I'm not the sort to be knocked over by this sort of attention. But I do find it puzzling. This blog is by no means popular. Why waste time on what is very much a niche interest blog? And how many bloggers do post reviews of things at the behest of demanding PR people?


Blogger Gabe said...

These emails are automated spam. The spammers can extract your first name (note the lowercase 'dean') and email address from Blogspot and send the same email to perhaps a million blog owners, in the hope that one or two of them will post the link and thus improve the product's Google ranking.

1:01 am  

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