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December 25, 2011

comedy awards

Two of the big prizes at the British Comedy Awards are worth mentioning here.

Graham Norton won best Comedy Entertainment Personality, while Paul Merton's Have I Got News For You won the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Watch them win prizes here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dean,Thanks for posting the clips of the Comedy Awards.Glad Paul and Ian's comic brilliance has been recognised.To keep up that level of comedy especially in satire, for so long, is an achievement.

Do you remember when I showed you around London at some of the Just A Minute venues.Well on You Tube there is a rare glimpse of the exterior and interior of the Paris Studio, Lower Regent Street in the 1949 black and white thriller THE TWENTY QUESTIONS MURDER MYSTERY.

Still haven't heard from Nicholas who the 2 Indian panellists will be in the two Bangalore recordings on the 27th/28th January.If I don't hear anything I am sure an email to Tilusha will reward you with the answer.

Hope you have a lovely New Year.Lots of Love KEITH XXXX

9:08 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have some news for you Dean. Remember when I wrote to Sheila Hancock one of many fan letters trying to encourage her to return to the J.A.M. fold and was rewarded with a result, and sent the letter on to the producer and hey presto! - she turns up on the panel at Hastings.

Well... At the start of this year we conducted a poll amongst all the chums who have accompanied me to J.A.M. recordings and customers who come into my Oxfam Bookshop (73 people). On their ballot slips they were asked how long they have been listening to the show and to nominate their 3 favourite personalities who they would like to see as guests on the J.A.M. panel.

Here are the facts and figures.
The poll closed on the 9th January .About 30% of these folk are long term fans of the Kenneth Williams era.Just under 40% of them are fans of the show since Paul joined the fold.20% are fans since Graham Norton, Julian Clary and Stephen Fry joined the team.The rest have been listening in the last 5 to 7 years.

Only a few ballot papers were spoilt by unreadable writing, people who put stupid comments and one had been filled in by Spanish tourist who obviously didn't understand what we were wanting and listed his three favourite books thinking that he only had 60 seconds to fill his form in!!!.

The results produced a list of 39 personalities (31 men, 11 women) (2 of the men perform in drag) and it included 9 people who have played it before, 1 politician, 2 t.v. double acts ,2 footballers, the world's first openly gay rugby player,only 1 black male performer,3 Americans (one of which is a film director) 2 performers who I believe are in retirement, and unfortunately 1 person who is dead. But the bulk of the results are revealing.

With 1 vote - Fenella Feilding, Bob Monkhouse, Brian Sewell, Patricia Routledge,Jenny Murray (Women's Hour),John Waters and Wayne Rooney.
With 2 votes - David Tennant ( the last but one Dr. Who),Hugh Laurie, Claire Balding, Eric Cantona, Boris Johnson,Chris Evans and Gareth Thomas (gay rugby player).
With 3 votes - Lenny Henry, Ronnie Corbett, Barbara Windsor, Ian Hislop,Ruby Wax and Ade Edmondson.
With 5 votes - Alexander Armstrong, Lee Evans, Paul O'Grady (Lily Savage)and Johnny Vaughan.
With 6 votes - Johnathon Ross and Bruce Forsythe.
With 7 votes - Sandi Toksvig and Rowan Atkinson - (4 of the people who voted for Rowan put Mr. Bean).
With 8 votes- David Walliams and Jo Brand.
With 9 votes - Matt Smith (the latest Dr. Who), Noel Feilding (one of the Mighty Boosh)and Dame Edna Everage.
With 10 votes - Matt Lucas,Aimi MacDonald and Jennifer Saunders.
With 12 votes - Dawn French.
With 16 votes - Robin Williams.
And the winner with 21 votes is.... Harry Hill*********

Last week I wrote to Harry Hill who in December decided not to make any more of his TV BURP shows with ITV. I asked him whether he had ever considered being a guest on JUST A MINUTE. I told him that I thought he would be an ideasl guest.I also mentioned that even though the BBC radio Light Entertainment performing fees weren't as much as tv fees listeners would treasure his contribution. His reply came back very swiftly - He certainly would consider being a guest on Just A Minute and he is a big fan of Nicholas Parsons and informed me to pass on his best wishes to Nicholas - which I certainly will just prior his leaving for India near the end of January.

I will send a copy of his reply to Nicholas, Tilusha and Claire.

I have written a similar letter to our 2nd place possible guest - Robin Williams. I will let you know the result.
Lots of love Keith.

10:15 am  
Anonymous Robin said...


11:15 pm  
Anonymous Robin said...

Recent (28 mins) interview with Nicholas @ http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/bennett

16 days left to DL it!

4:52 am  

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