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December 05, 2011

TV series

Just finished a long conversation with Andy Brereton who is producing the Just A Minute TV series – we talked for 48 minutes!

I will try and write up something in the next day or so.

But I think there are two key messages – one is he feels the recordings went very very well and the show is a success. And secondly they have really tried very very hard to make shows that reflected the radio version – no mystery objects or regional teams this time.

As I say, more to come.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

48 minute chat - you even timed it!All the audiences in the shows I saw were made up mostly of Just A Minute die-hards.Had a wierd dream and woke up dead certain that Nicholas was on the cover of the Radio Times and ran to my newsagent certain that the Radio Times had done an article.Silly me!
Jason Manford seems to have gone down well with an old JAM regular who attended that last double show.You are so right about the new guard players being now the old guard players and that occassionally producers should stick their neck out and try a newbie.The new old guard is a large varied pool of accomplished and point-hungry regulars .Sad that Russell Kane couldn't make the tv series- he's been 'I'm A Celebritying' it down in Oz.He is big over here. I would love Harry Hill to have a go. Now that he is leaving ITV he'll have some time on his hands.His performing style is so unique and what a coup it would be to get him on the regular team.Our favourite would-be-JAM guest US comedian was guest on Graham Norton's show- Robin Williams- He was so funny. He has got to be one of the funniest people on the planet. If only he could be on our favourite show....Anyway I will wait to read your interview with Andy. Thanks for keeping this wonderful site going.Lot os love Keith X

7:35 am  
Blogger Dean said...

thanks Keith, hope you're in good health and all's well


8:32 am  
Anonymous Robin said...


No JAM on Boxing Day.

*Maybe* on the Monday after BD.


9:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All is well Dean. Getting ready for the 18 shows that will kick off 2012. As David Mitchell's THE UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH has begun in the slot vacated by CLUE I think the radio series will follow this with the tv series following shortly after.The 2 Indian shows will be recorded from the 24th Jan which is when our Jammers will be going out there.They will be getting there just when there is a weekend flower festival in Bangalore's largest Botanical Gardens.One of my bookstore volunteers is from there and has told me of how big and extic the whole thing is.As for roses - N.P. will be in his element.I will have to tell him about it.Hope your work is going well and you're getting all the rest you deserve.Lots of love KEITH XXXX

8:07 am  

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