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December 11, 2011


The current season of Clue finishes on Dec 19th and I am told The Unbelievable Truth will follow, meaning JAM won't be back now until February.

The TV shows are running after that series finishes in mid to late March.

The six shows in that season were recorded in September and November - I guess at least they have plenty of time for editing!

I can also pass on that Radio Four Extra is currently preparing a three hour long Just A Minute special. Nicholas Parsons is to introduce six specially chosen JAMs with the extra time filled in with some specially chosen rounds of uninterrupted minutes. The BBC asked me to choose some favourites which I was happy to do, and I'll post them in a moment.


Blogger dagi said...

I like the Unbelievable Truth a lot, but I'm disappointed about the timing of the next JAM series on Radio 4.

So a return in February will mean there has been a four month gap between series 61 and 62 - far too long in my opinion!

11:50 pm  

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