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March 26, 2012

Without Hesitation and India special

The three hour Without Hesitation special on Radio Four last week was exceptionally well done. For those who missed it, it featured five shows in their entirety, with extensive clips from two others, some other features such as some perfect minutes, some different versions of the Minute Waltz, a few comments from David Hatch and Paul Merton, and linked by Nicholas Parsons. The shows included either in part or in their entirety featured Clement Freud, Paul Merton, Derek Nimmo, Kenneth Williams, Peter Jones, Tony Hawks, Sheila Hancock, Graham Norton, Linda Smith, Julian Clary, Stephen Fry, Wilma Ewart, Bob Monkhouse and Beryl Reid.

It made me think that this sort of format could work at least a few more times. I wouldn't mind hearing Paul reminisce about the show for example. In this show he picked Peter Jones as his favourite of the "original" gang of four - I would have liked him to tell us why and to analyse Kenneth and Derek's style (we have heard him at length on Clement). Tony Hawks too would be interesting - I thought his comment on how intimidating it was to debut on the show on The One Show was revealing. And wouldn't it be illuminating to hear Sheila Hancock, Tim Rice and Gyles Brandreth comparing the old days and the new.

I do love Nicholas but I think we have now heard just about everything he has to say about JAM.

Anyway well done to the team involved.

I also really liked the first of the Mumbai shows. It's always a bit of a gamble to have two newcomers on the show but Cyrus Broacha and Anuvab Pal both did well and held their ends up. They were both witty and competitive and it was a very competitive show even though Paul and Marcus Brigstocke are the best players of the game itself of the current generation. I thought Cyrus was the better of the two and he would surely get another call-up if he was living in the UK.

One interesting aspect was the rowdiness of the crowd which certainly added to the atmosphere. I'm not sure if it was in fact the crowd that was louder than a British crowd, or just the way the show was recorded. But in any event, the show worked very well.

Today the fans get two shows, one on TV at 6, one of the radio at 630. We will look forward to two very good shows. Certainly JAM's first trip overseas was a huge success. We now look forward to the team's first trip to New Zealand.


Blogger dagi said...

"I do love Nicholas but I think we have now heard just about everything he has to say about JAM"

I'm quite amazed to read this. It's a bit like a Beatles fan saying they've heard enough from Paul McCartney.


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