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April 03, 2012

eppy 6 and 7


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dean,
I've been thoroughly enjoying the televised Just A Minute's available on your website - I attended four of the shows but work prevents me watching them at their broadcasted time. So me and my volunteers sit watching them and laughing our heads off. Sue Perkins, Graham Norton and Julian Clary have done very well this series.They've proved why they are eligible to become the new regulars. Josie Lawrence too.
I thought Ruth Jones deserves a return - she was up against some heavy opposition.Liza Tarbuck took nearly ten years or so to win her first game - so I think Ruth deserves the call up.Russell Tovey was a bit of a let down.

Listening to the trip to India was another world completely. All those panelists talking a few seconds then being challenged for such convuluted things like 'gesticulating' - would have driven me mad.But in their own games it was fast aggressive fun.

I loved Suzy Parsons' article on her father. She obviously has a deep love and respect for her father. Nicholas often says that he sometimes misses the jokes because he has to concentrate so hard on what the players say to remember if they broke any rules.

At the moment we are preparing for our 2nd Annual Oxfam Just A Minute to raise money for Oxfam Poverty UK.The practice runs are going well. We play it in teams and it is a riot and an opportunity for my volunteers and me to let our hair down.

I'll be going to Wednesday's Just A Minute at Broadcasting House - the first of the Summer series.I'll let you know who was on it. Lots of love Keith XXXX

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