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June 16, 2013

could anyone replace Paul?

posted this at the Yahoo group

just having my two cents on this. I think what we are looking for is someone who is good enough, quick enough, brave enough and perceptive enough to jump in if energy levels are low and grab the subject or make a really funny challenge and just generally lift things up and energise proceedings again. I think the only other one who would definitely be able to do this - apart from Paul – at the moment is Graham Norton. There are others with potential such as Marcus Brisgtocke, Ross Noble, Josie Lawrence. But I feel as if they don't play often enough to be really really really good at the show.
Someone mentioned Stephen Fry, who obviously at his best is brilliant at the show. But two thoughts on him. I think his last few shows, the two TV editions last year and two radio editions in 2011, have been by his high standards a little disappointing. And is it possible he is at his best playing off one of the older players, Clement or Peter, and he's not so good without someone like that to spark off? Perhaps he would be interesting on a panel with Gyles or Sheila?
Sue Perkins, I remember once before we debated her and not everyone was a fan. I think she is witty and clever and very competitive. But does she have the ability to really make you laugh hard with a bit of spontaneous brilliance in the way Paul and Kenneth could. Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of her and think she may well be the best woman in the show's history. But I think shé's sort of strong second banana material too, like Gyles.
I agree by the way with the person who said that at the moment Paul may be more valuable to the show, even than Nicholas. Paul would be really hard to replace. As happened when Kenneth died, I think the BBC could well be tempted to drop JAM if Paul was no longer available.


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