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July 02, 2013

the great man on YouTube

someone has collected some brilliant Kenneth Williams docos and shows on YouTube.... great job


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dean, Went to the first double recording of the new series at the BBC'S Radio Theatre on Sunday 14th July - Gyles, Tony, Alun Cochrane and newbie Irish golden boy PATRICK KIELTY. Very nice couple of shows with some very confident talkers. Tony Hawks has just moved to Devon and has obviously no need for a sun-bed - It was a warm evening - all the audience were ready to 'boo' anyone who might look as though they would interrupt anyone they were enjoying. Patrick had the funniest joke of all about a whale's vagina. And he used to be an altar boy too - if the priest could have heard him!!!!
MOre recordings at the Beeb on Tuesday 23rd July and 6th September and with the two Edinburgh shows aswell that's it for the series!!!! They are trying to get hold of Jonathon Ross for a couple of guests spots on the show - but the date at the Wyndham's Theatre fell through. So maybe the 23rd July ?
Lots of love Keith X

4:40 am  

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