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September 29, 2013

junior just a minute

Nicholas, Josie Lawrence and Jenny Eclair and a lot of young panellists at the recent recording of Junior JAM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dean, 5 shows of JUNIOR JAM were recorded at The Drill Hall, London. The birthday boy chaired each of them. In each one Josie and Jenny each had a junior team-mate and played in teams. If Jenny or Josie got in first, they had the option to hand the subject over to their team-mate. The younger players range from 11 to 13. The shows will be broadcast daily from Monday 11th November 2013 as part of Radio 4 Extra Mel Gedroiyc's 4 o'clock show.
Nicholas has 4 birthday celebrations planned - lucky man!
Lord's Taverners, The Variety Club of GB, BBC & Hello magazine and with his family.Hope he has a great time. He's earnt it!
Hope you are happy and well

3:16 am  

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