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August 16, 2013

Great pic

The JAM team for this Monday...  Sue Perkins, Joe Lycett, Nicholas Parsons, Paul Merton and Greg Proops


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dean, I liked the 2 Edinburgh JAM's. Sue and Paul were electric. What a voice Mr Blowfield has. His subject of 'My Father & Ian Fleming' (the only subject to be re-titled during performance) was hilarious - they have to have him back. Russell Kane and Greg Proops were ideal guests. Greg is an old hand at guesting at JAM Edinburgh. It was his 6th. I love his tres casual voice. Many of my friends agree that Nicholas has drunk at the Fountain of Youth and sounds younger than ever. Glad he mentioned the book.

Friday 6th's JAM at the Radio Theatre is a special one - one regular show and a show for Xmas.
I suspect that something different might happen because in October a birthday of some importance for our beloved chairman. Specialist subjects perhaps? PAul in the chair and Nicholas on the panel perhaps? I wonder.....
Hope you are happy and well
Lots of love Keith

5:22 am  

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