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October 09, 2013

birthday (almost) here

I'd really like to thank all the people who sent their ideas on how we should celebrate Nicholas Parsons' birthday which is tomorrow - in response to my request here.

I'd like to... but... I received NONE! Nada! Zero!

Perhaps others don't regard this as big a thing as I do?

Anyway... if you want - post in the comments your birthday wishes for Nicholas, if there are enough, I'll print them all off and send them to Nicholas.

In the meantime to mark the occasion I decided to write a birthday poem for Nicholas.

He's been  the chairman since 67
when I hear that voice I'm in my personal heaven,
those words "welcome to Just A Minute"
it wouldn't be the same without him in it.
In 46 years come hail, wind or snow,
Nicholas Parsons has never missed a show.
Introducing the guests, adding up the score
That voice coming in over the crowd's roar.
Over the years there have been many
guests - the brilliant and mercurial Kenny,
then there was Peter and Derek and improviser Paul
Tony, Sheila, Sue Perkins and all,
The granddaddy of all was Clement Freud
A Nicholas ruling would get him annoyed
So many others have given it a lick
But they all defer to dear old Nick
That mind so sharp, that voice so strong
How is he has been round so long?
Who else could manage to chair that show?
And now he's reached the great 9-0
Who else could keep Graham and Gyles in line?
He just gets better like a very good wine
I'm tipping he'll be there for at least 10 more years
To receive all the JAM fan cheers.
Happy birthday Nicholas, as I come to the end
Thank you Nicholas, for being the listener's friend.
So here's to Nicholas, and for one final take
How will they fit 90 candles on his cake?

and also here's an interesting interview with Nicholas and Graham Norton. Graham manages to get something fresh out of him....


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