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March 27, 2014

JAM panel at latest recording

The team was Paul Merton, Julian Clary, Jenny Eclair and "Feltz". I'm presuming this is Vanessa Feltz, the former TV presenter who is now presenting a BBC Radio Two show.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dean,
Sorry for the delay but my Mum has been in and out of hospital. Nuff said. I went to the Vanessa Feltz JAMs. Nicholas told me that she has been wanting to be on the show for ages but circumstances had rendered it impossible until recently. She did very well. She deserves a return call up because she was friendly, fluent and entertaining. The audience liked her. On the rare occassions a glazed look would come over her face as you could see she was thoroughly entertained with the comic hi-jinx of Paul, Julian and Jenny. At one time Julian had to remind Vanessa to keep her finger on the buzzer. Jenny quoted from 'Shakespeare's Scottish Play' and not to be out-done so did Paul, Julian, Vanessa and when that subject was over - Nicholas too. What a bunch of thesps they all are ! Julian was not shy with the innuendo. Paul achieved an amazing virtuouso minute supremo. And for the first recording Nicholas mis-pronounced Vanessa's surname. In his defence so many broadcasters have referred to her as Phelps... but as we all know it's Feltz.

There are three more double recordings to come in mid April, May and August (Edinburgh). Among those appearing are Paul, Sheila, Joe Lycett, Patrick Kielty, Kevin Eldon and Gyles. And before I forget it Holly Walsh was an 11th hour replacement for Sue Perkins. It looks like Sheila is doing 4 shows for this next series. Just watching her - she is in another league. Her confidence and love of entertaining is inspiring.

Agree with you about an all female panel. It's been my dream for a long time now. That will shut the PC lot up.The stuff about women in panel games and quizzes on tv and radio had been bubbling up for a couple of months now. I hope the Clue mob are being watched because they have been one of the worse offenders.

11:45 pm  
Blogger dagi said...

But doesn't Clue have something of an explanation? Three of it's founding panel members are men?

11:11 am  
Blogger Dean said...

here's the recent stats for Clue -

2011 - 17 shows, no women at all.

2012 - 13 shows, one woman (Victoria Wood) did two shows.

2013 - 12 shows, one woman (Victoria Wood) did two shows.

so in the past three years, there have been 42 shows, only one woman has appeared in any of them and she in just 4 of them.

1:06 pm  

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