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October 05, 2014

sad news

The woman who regularly introduced JAM in the mid 70s was the very talented Sheila Tracy... I see she has died.

See her obituary here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dean, I can remember Sheila Tracy well. She was also a regular announcer of shows intros and end credits. Unique voice.

Have just heard that the second series of Junior JAM has been taken up by the 4 O'clock show - not because it was unpopular but because the 4 o'clock show slot has been cancelled.

The first two dates have been fixed for the next series of JAM - they are Tuesday 2nd and Tues 16th December.

Lovely to see you at the Ivy. Hope you are well and happy.

5:25 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Silly me Dean. I meant to put the Junior JAM has been cancelled only because the 4 o'clock has been cancelled.

5:29 am  
Anonymous Lord Salt said...

There's a preview of Tony Hawks in QI: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90Z-PsX5x-M

The episode (Lovely) will be shown on Friday (28 Nov).

11:24 pm  
Anonymous Lord Salt said...

Keith, thanks for your info about the rec dates in Dec.

11:29 pm  

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