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December 08, 2014

Kenneth interviews Nicholas

A video of Kenneth filling in as a chat show HOST and interviewing Nicholas has turned up on YouTube. Amusingly Nicholas tells Kenneth they couldn't do Just A Minute without him. He also admits to a "pompous personality". It's worth a look


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dean, Unfortunately I had to call off for yesterday's JAM - I wasn't well. It was Gyles, Jenny, Shappi and Marcus. There is a recording in Canterbury. Presumably the same theatre they played before. On the 23rd January in the radio Theatre one half of the team will be Paul Merton and Julian Clary. The other half will concern the return of a regular guest who hasn't played it for ages, and the fourth panellist is an actor whose most famous character is a time traveller.
I've given you clues as to who they might be and that might narrow it down to around 30.
See how many guesses it takes you to guess the other two players.Take care KEITH XXXX

5:21 am  

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