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January 11, 2015

Junior Just a Minute

I had the impression that the planned second series of Junior Just A Minute had been canned because the Radio Four Extra children's programme The Four O'Clock Show had been cancelled.

But to the contrary, I see that a second series has been recorded. Jenny Eclair and Josie Lawrence are there again as regular team captains.

A local Wiltshire paper has this nice article with one of the junior players.

So some "extra" JAM to look forward to...

CHATTERBOX Sarah Smart couldn’t believe her luck after being selected to appear on BBC Radio 4 Extra’s junior edition of the quiz show, Just a Minute.
The 11-year-old from Bradford on Avon decided to apply after her mum was listening to the radio and heard a call for children to send in applications for the revamped junior edition.
After a written application and a Skype interview, the Fitzmaurice pupil finally found out she had been chosen to go to London’s Shaw Theatre to record the 25- minute show.
She said: “When you apply for these things you do not expect to get in, so to be able to record a national radio show was a dream come true.”
The show presented by Nicholas Parsons, is now in its 46th year and is one of the longest-standing shows on Radio 4 still recorded in front of a live studio audience.
Youngsters aged 10-13 were paired with a more experienced adult for the new version, but were still asked to speak on a single topic without repetition, hesitation or deviation for 60 seconds.
Sarah was paired with comic Josie Lawrence against another comic, Jenny Eclair, and Oliver, also aged 11.
She said: “It was so nerve-racking and I couldn’t stop shaking when I got there. I walked into the room where everyone was and I saw Jenny Eclair doing some knitting and when everyone got talking, we all became comfortable in each other’s company.
“Nicholas Parsons was lovely and he was really interested in the fact I play rugby.”
More than 250 people were in the audience and by the end of the recording, both teams formed a competitive bond.
She said: “Our opposing team were known as the ‘glasses team’ and Josie and I were known as the ‘hair team’ because we had a lot of it.”
She added: “I didn’t realise how many people were there and the recording flew by. We were only in there for an hour or so but it only felt like five minutes, so the expression ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ really is true.”
Sarah is not allowed to tell people about her progress within the competition until it is broadcast, but the BBC confirmed the series is being scheduled shortly.


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