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January 14, 2015

RIP Enid Messiter

Ian and Enid Messiter's grandson has just posted this in the comments on this blog...

It is with much sadness I report that Ian's wife Enid passed away on 27th December 2014.

She will be sadly missed by family and friends.

Just A Minute continues in her memory just as much as Ian's.

Toby (Ian and Enid's grandson).

This is very sad news and my condolences and very best wishes to Toby and his family.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dean and all you fellow Jammers! Enid Messiter was a lovely gentle lady who I had the privelage of meeting several times at recordings. Nicholas introduced me to her the last time I saw her at a recording of JAM. Gerard Hoffnung's widow Annetta was a good friend of hers. They both had seen JAM grow from the hit success of One Minute Please way back in 1951.They believed as passionately in the show as much as Ian did. Whenever Ian recieved a set-back from the powers that be, it was Enid with her quiet undiminishable conviction that kept Ian's spirits up. As I told Enid about Dean's brilliant JAM website I could see the pride in her eyes well up as she appreciated that Ian's most famous creation was being kept alive by the fans who love it so. I told her about the years of research I had done, into the history of O.M.P and the numerous official and unofficial off-shoots from this show. Information that no-one else in the world was concerned with safe-guarding. Proudly Enid, on that last occassion, signed her name in my History of the BBC volume and added 'Thankyou for all your chronicling'. My heart goes out to all the Messiter family. Love and deepest sincerity KEITH XXXX

9:15 am  

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