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March 14, 2015

new panel

the first shows recorded for the new season featured the interesting combination of Paul Merton, Sheila Hancock, Pam Ayres and Mike McShane.

I think there are more shows being recorded this evening so if I have more info I'll post it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dean & Fellow Jammers. Mike McShane was a last minute replacement for MArcus Brigstocke. He had a bit of trouble with simple repetitions but as he got more into the game his comic energy expanded like a human vesuvius - which endeared him to the others and the audience. He was very knowledgeable on one of the history subjects.

The new producer's name is Victoria Lloyd and she was friendly and efficient on her first JAM outing. There's a new scorer too who impressed Nicholas by writing the panelist's names on the buzzer machine by their lights before they had tested the mikes.

Sheila's edginess came out in this first game with PAm Ayres. Pam is as sweet as cider and so when Sheila challenged her the audience felt sorry for Pa. - she can milk an audience with her sad lost look. All very funny.

After the recordings they showed us a preview of the two halves of the Red Nose Day SEARCH FOR A NATIONAL TREASURE sketch. It had a bumper cast - Stephen Fry, Liam Gallagher, Robbie Williams, Stanley Baxter as HM the QUeen and Ronnie Corbett. It was a good laugh and crowned the evening off nicely. Another JAM recording on Tues at the RAdio Theatre.
Take care KEITH XXXX

5:16 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just listened to the March 16th show.

If there is a Just a Minute god in the sky, I'm begging you, please, please... no more Shappi Khorsandi.

She's perfectly nice but she absolutely doesn't belong on JAM. She brings NOTHING to the show.

7:17 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dean and Fellow Jammers, On St Patrick's Day I went to see JAM at the Radio Theatre. Marcus Brigstocke made this double recording and he was on with Paul, Gyles and newcomer comedienne Lucy Beaumont - who I'd never heard of before. Some of the subjects were St. Patrick, My Favourite Game and Tutankhanum. Lucy got a lot of help from the audience, Nicholas and fellow panelists but she was out of her depth. She has a nice personality but said she thought the game would be easier if there was no ruling on repetition. Gyles was in his best vocal flow. Paul suggested that to suit Gyles it should be called 'Just A Decade' because you can never stop him from talking. Marcus was very funny talking about Body Hair and in the last few seconds of the second recording he brought the house down by mentioning dogging. I have heard so many JAM shows when a newbie has been out-played by the 3 regulars or 2 regulars scrabbling for points and air-time. This was such a game. Hearing someone continually fall at the first fence sometimes makes me feel that the producer should resurrect Ian Messiter's ploy of having try-outs or auditions of guests. That's what he used to do in the days of 'One Minute Please!'. All it would take is 20 minutes before the recording with three stand-in players who knew the game well- now that's a job I would put myself up for. If not that then have 2 newbies doing 1 recording each rather than 1 doing both shows. I know it's part of the game to make mistakes but poor Lucy lacked vocal steam and her guest appearances on JAM will not be put on her c.v.With an audience of 500 plus you need experience. The only guest player who succeeded without vocal stamina was Aimi MacDonald and she managed it by listening and maintaining her comedy persona.
Anyway it was still a good pair of recordings. All the best. KEITH XXXX

7:06 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shappi debuted in 2008. She is ok but not really suited to JAM. Someone should bring back Ross Noble. He is in the UK recently doing his motorbike show on Dave so is not in Australia. If you are reading this ross please come back we miss you from JAM

10:42 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WhaT would your dream JAM panel be with people dead or alive. Mine would be Tony Hawks Maureen Lipman clement Freud and ross noble

10:46 am  
Anonymous Little Sod said...

I fucking hate it when there're 3 (semi)regular people - with a newcomer!

It doesn't fucking work!

The newcomer(s) should learn how to play the game before their debut(s). Rehearse! They're fucking "comedians", you'd think they'd prepare better?!

Fucking script their challenges if need be! Or just fuck off!!

8:48 pm  
Anonymous Little Sod said...

Three-hander recordings on Tuesday would have been better!

And ditch Shappi! Nice woman but she's fucking underwhelming!

8:53 pm  
Anonymous Little Sod said...

I think if Liza, Sheila, Josie, and Jenny recorded two together then we would have fucking great recordings!

8:57 pm  
Anonymous Little Sod said...

Fuck knows why I listen to JAM anyway?!

Nicholas is a coffin-dodger. Paul hogs the show. Too many wins! Same with Gyles: hogging, winning!

Hurry up and die, Nicholas, and then, hopefully, the show will be fucking axed!

Fuck it!

9:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't need all that nastiness about the show and it's players. Sounds like an out of work comedian or writer to me pouring forth that venom.

5:04 am  

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