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April 18, 2015

latest recording

featured Paul Merton, Graham Norton, Tim Rice and Liza Tarbuck. Tim was back for his first two shows since 2009. He is nearing 50 shows (he is on 48) though at the current rate might not make it by 2020!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dean and Fellow Jammers, on my way in to the Shaw Theatre last night I bumped in to Tilusha Ghelhani. She is doing well working for tv, enjoying it but still has a huge fondness for JAM.

I was glad JAM's present producer Victoria Lloyd had invited back stalwart guest Tim Rice. Although a bit mistake-laden at first he got into his stride. He sat next to Paul on the panel. It must have been Clement's ethereal influence that made Tim list things rather than indulge in his usual vocal practice of breaking his subjects down into several sections.

Graham took some good-natured stick about his current facial adornment - his beard.Could he be turning into a leprachaun? About twenty years ago Nicholas had introduced Graham as 'The Irish Leprachaun of Comedy' ?!?!? Well last night Graham comically had a strop when Nicholas tried to complement him on his beard and it came out the wrong way - ' It makes you look older!!' Apparently Graham's Mum isn't too keen on it because the colour of his moustache is different from that of his beard. When I first saw Graham with this beard he was co-presenting a 50th anniversary tribute programme to the Eurovision Song Contest and I expected he'd grown it as a tribute to last year's winner Conchita Wurst - the bearded lady/man. But in a weird way it suits him.

Sat next to Liza Tarbuck they were like a couple of 6th formers sitting outside their headmaster's office. They have a good friendship and work well together - as does Tim and Paul.

Some of the subjects last night were - Home Improvements, Che Guevara and My Worst Fear.2 great shows ending the last show with a full minute achieved by Graham.

There will be more recordings in July - one of which will be in Edinburgh. Nicholas will be involved with the release of the paperback version of 'Welcome To Just A Minute' will be launched at Edinburgh's Book Festival.
Wishing you all the very best KEITH XXXX

10:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dean,

I'm sure you're already aware, but Paul was on Graham's Radio 2 show this week:


The second time he's been on, and like last time it's a nice, friendly chat (despite Graham having been unaware at the previous night's JAM recording that Paul was coming in!)

1:03 am  

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