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September 29, 2006

Best of 2006

Mark me two out of four...

the CD includes these shows -

* Sir Clement Freud, Paul Merton, Sir Tim Rice and Stephen Fry

* Paul, Kit Hesketh-Harvey, Chris Neill and Liza Tarbuck

* Clement, Paul, Julian Clary and Pauline McLynn

* Clement, Graham Norton, Pam Ayres and Marcus Brigstocke

I'm disappointed the very good shows with Sue Perkins and Charles Collingwood missed out!

September 24, 2006

JAM - Best of 2006

According to Amazon, this will be released next week - Monday October 2.

I don't know who will be in this CD - Amazon only mentions Nicholas Parsons, Paul Merton and Clement Freud. I think we could have guessed those three would be involved!

My guess - assuming they have two winter and two summer shows - would be

* one of the shows with Paul, Graham Norton, Gyles Brandreth and Sue Perkins.

* one of the shows with Paul, Clement, Tim Rice and Stephen Fry.

* one of the shows with Paul, Clement, Julian Clary and Pauline McLynn.

* one of the shows with Paul, Sue, Tony Hawks and Charles Collingwood.

I am usually a bad guesser though! One of the shows with Ross Noble could be a goer for instance.

September 23, 2006

I'm back

The website is updated!

September 20, 2006


The bug affecting the website continues more than two weeks after it first appeared. That's the reason the site hasn't been updated.

I have requested a new passord but the promised email from Yahoo/Geocities never arrives - and neither does promised help from "customer care".

I must admit to being pretty much at the end of my tether. I'm tempted to move the whole site - but of course to do that you still need access to the old one, if just to tell people where to look for you.

Anyone with advice would be welcome - or preferable who knows a human being who works at Yahoo or Geocities that might be able to help...

Then I can get the thing up to date!

September 06, 2006

this week's show

I only heard the end of it. Marcus Brigstocke won - very surprising.

Next week's is the last in the season... so hopes of 12 or 13 shows in the season have gone.

Graham and Pam Ayres were great in the part I heard (only the last two rounds).

Unfortunately some geocities bug won't let me log in to update the site. :( So that will have to wait.

September 04, 2006

Graham Norton - hypocrite?

Graham Norton has said many memorable things on JAM. Here's one of my favourite bits - it's from a show in 2000. The subject was toupees.

GRAHAM NORTON: If you lose your hair, I don’t know why you would choose to wear a toupee. Because it just makes you a figure of fun. People point and laugh and go "look, there’s someone with a bit of car seat cover on their head!" It’s fooling no-one! I appeal to the nation now, take them off! They’re just stupid! They’re just...er..


GN: Where am I now? Oh...

NICHOLAS PARSONS: Clement you challenged.

CLEMENT FREUD: Hesitation.

NP: Yes there was hesitation and there are eight seconds, you have the subject of toupees back again starting now.

CF: I very much agree with everything that Graham Norton has said, and congratulate him on winning a BAFTA award.

Now why - you ask - am I pointing this out?


I was watching Graham host his new TV show here the other night. It's a talent quest called something like "Looking for Maria" and is about finding someone to star in a Sound of Music stage show.

And ... I reckon Graahm is wearing a hairpiece. If not he is certainly doing something with his hair because he has a hell of a lot more hair than he did a couple of years ago.

And Graham - you were right in 2000 - it's fooling no-one! :-)

late in...

I'm in London and heard the replay of this week's show. Paul won easily. Pauline McLynn was there in her third show and was promising - she had good material prepared for the rounds she began, and seemed to get more involved than previously. She has a lovely jolly style - I think she could be someone we haer more of.#

Clement was comparatively quiet - after kicking off the first round he didn't get in again until the fourth round. He can go quiet sometimes. Owen O'Neill was still not much chop.

To my great surprise, this season will have 11 shows - the other Clement/Paul/Tim Rice/Ross Noble is airing next Monday. I presume that will be the final show, though who knows??? Maybe we will get 12... or 13... Last year's summer season was just nine shows.

Not that I'm complaining.

This year's season has been very good. Last season I mentioned the shows weren't so strong and I felt Paul had been quiet. This season he is firing on all cylinders - very funny and very much holding things together like the total pro he is.

I'm hoping to hear the second Clement/Graham/Pam Ayres/Marcus Brigstocke show later tonight - might even make a special trip to the Internet cafe to update things if time allows.