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September 04, 2006

Graham Norton - hypocrite?

Graham Norton has said many memorable things on JAM. Here's one of my favourite bits - it's from a show in 2000. The subject was toupees.

GRAHAM NORTON: If you lose your hair, I don’t know why you would choose to wear a toupee. Because it just makes you a figure of fun. People point and laugh and go "look, there’s someone with a bit of car seat cover on their head!" It’s fooling no-one! I appeal to the nation now, take them off! They’re just stupid! They’re just...er..


GN: Where am I now? Oh...

NICHOLAS PARSONS: Clement you challenged.

CLEMENT FREUD: Hesitation.

NP: Yes there was hesitation and there are eight seconds, you have the subject of toupees back again starting now.

CF: I very much agree with everything that Graham Norton has said, and congratulate him on winning a BAFTA award.

Now why - you ask - am I pointing this out?


I was watching Graham host his new TV show here the other night. It's a talent quest called something like "Looking for Maria" and is about finding someone to star in a Sound of Music stage show.

And ... I reckon Graahm is wearing a hairpiece. If not he is certainly doing something with his hair because he has a hell of a lot more hair than he did a couple of years ago.

And Graham - you were right in 2000 - it's fooling no-one! :-)


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