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January 28, 2006

He's a cult

From the Chortle website....

Kenneth Williams’ bitchy, self-loathing diaries are to be made into a film for BBC Four.

Michael Sheen – who was last seen playing the role of Jeremy Dyson in the League Of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse movie – will take the part of Williams.

Fantabulosa promises to paint a portrait of ‘a fastidious performer who hankered after recognition, adulation and companionship throughout his career; yet although he could create a thousand voices and characters, he would never be comfortable living in his own skin’.

It has been written by Martyn Hesford, drawing heavily from Williams’ notorious – and bestselling – diaries and announced as part of BBC Four’s winter/spring schedule today.

I hear they recorded some Just A Minute scenes with Nicholas Parsons playing himself!


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