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January 16, 2006

Stephen Fry and Ross Noble

Although Clement, Paul and Tim Rice were all good this week, Stephen Fry was a clear winner in the contest and also the best performer. A lot of people have emailed me this week asking why Stephen isn't on more often. I can't say I know but there is a partial explanation. In all the years Stephen has been doing JAM - 15 now - he has never done a show outside of London. Clearly he odesn't want to spend a day, maybe two, travelling to and from a venue. And with only a couple of recordings a year now done in London, that means Stephen's busy diary isn't always going to coincide with that of the show.

Imagine if JAM could announce as its regular cast "Paul Merton, Graham Norton and Stephen Fry". Talk about a promotion any show would like!

And on Ross Noble. A couple of years ago he looked set to become a regular. Now it looks like he will miss out on this season, as he did the last season, as he has returned to Australia where his shows are sell-outs. A shame as Ross's surreal style was perfectly fitted for the show.

Of those still alive, my ideal team would be Paul, Ross, Stephen and Graham.


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