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February 08, 2006

Paul v Graham

I'm always interested in the relationship between the major players. Paul and Graham are the biggest names among the current players. They often appear together. But they seldom seem to interact. Perhaps there is a certain rivalry. After all both are usually the key person in their own shows. All of the Graham Norton shows are essentially about Graham Norton, and although Paul plays in teams on Have I Got News For You, and the Comedy Store Players, in both he is clearly the major player in both environments. Of course their styles are completely different and you sense despite any rivalry a mutual respect.

Graham is always a great pleasure to have on the programme. Before he started doing his chat show five days a week, he was doing half of the recordings each year. It would be great if he could start doing that again as the show needs that outrageousness he brings. I hope he does one of the remaining two recordings this season.


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