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August 27, 2006


Sincere apologies to all those who have tried to post comments here. I had it on a setting whereby I had to approve comments - but there was no setting for me to be made aware there were comments to approve.

Anyway comments are now on and I've published all the comments that have been submitted. There are a few spam ones, so I'll see how many we get and I may put it back on semi-moderation if there are too many.

I've also tried to reply to some of the comments. Feel free to post more often. Give me a guide what you'd like to read here and I'll try to respond as time allows. One person thinks I write too much about the stats and things. Which could be fair comment. I suppose I feel I should leave the reciting of lines till I do the transcript. But who knows - maybe I'll do things differently if there's a consensus...

If a lot of people comment maybe I'll start a discussion forum. Let's see how this goes...

best, Dean


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