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January 12, 2007

Chris Neill's blog

While doing some searches on the JAM newcomer, Alun Cochrane, I stumbled across Chris's blog. As you might expect it is very funny, I highly recommend it. Have a good read of it here.

I hope he doesn't mind too much if I copy what he has to say about his four JAMs that he has recorded so far this year - it gives you a taste of his views on the show.

<>December 3rd.... Full of cold and chest infection, on Friday I drove down to Winchester to take part in a recording of Just A Minute at the Theatre Royal. I always find appearing with Paul Merton and Clement Freud a rather worrying prospect what with them being the absolutely most senior and yet ruthless players of the game; and my angst wasn’t soothed by the fact that Greg Proops was also on the panel who I expected to be a little difficult. Why, I’m not really sure as whenever we’ve worked together before it’s been a happy thing, particularly I recall when he was narrator for some Woody Allen short stories I was dramatising for Radio 3 about ten years ago. As it turned out - almost inevitably - my default position of utter paranoia was misplaced; Paul was most chipper, Clement as easy-going as he gets and Greg was utterly delightful. He and I sat next to each other on stage and had quite a laugh. Paul and Clement play the game rather seriously so we took the role of unruly children. Needless to say we lost stupendously. I have never reached higher than third place and feel it is my right and proper place in the Just A Minute universe.
January 3rd... A much cheerier evening the following day where I appeared on a recording of Just A Minute for Radio 4 at the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham. Paul Merton, Tim Rice and Alun Cochrane were also the panel and they seemed most jolly shows all in all.

Incidentally - I have a feeling Chris did actually come second at least once! He's too hard on himself!!!!


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I didn't know were to put this but for people who have discovered the site in the last year or so it was quite intresting to see the site back in the past:

In April 2001

In October 2001

In December 2002

In July 2004

In Febuary 2006

Also you cat chat about JAM at http://justaminute.phpnet.us/forums/index.php

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